Current line sync:
Downstream: 67035 kbps
Upstream:   20000 kbps

Welcome to cabinet8

My journey going back to xDSL broadband, after almost a decade on Virgin Media cable.


Timeline / News

05 July 2019

Something has upset the upstream SNR on the connection tonight.  Still seems stable even if a few extra errors were noted.

01 July 2019

Zen have been advised by Openreach of a four hour outage to occur from 9:00pm 03/07/19 to 1:00am 04/07/19 to affect my dialling code area. Something afoot?  We shall see.
Update 04 July 01:17am: 
Seems the outage did not affect my connectivity in any way.

28 June 2019

The Fritz!Box 7530 supplied by Zen has been relegated to "router only".  I wanted a modem with a Broadcom chipset (the Fritz uses Lantiq), so that I could make use of connection and stats logging to keep an eye on the line, mostly purely for my technical interest and amusement than anything else. However, I've since discovered that the stats provided through the Fritz's GUI weren't that accurate anyway, so obtaining another modem turned out to be A. Good. Thing. The modem? A Huawei HG612 purchased from eBay for £14.99. 

20 June 2019

Activation Day. Connection activated at around 12:50pm.
After several re-syncs through the day, the line finally settled at around 66 down / 20 up (Mbps). Current live sync can be viewed at the top of the page.

17 June 2019

Router arrived.  Spent some time pre-configuring it so I can just connect it and drop it into my existing LAN on activation day.

13 June 2019

Advised of router dispatch to my address.  The AVM FRITZ!Box 7530 provided by Zen has a scheduled arrival date of 17th June 2019.

07 June 2019

Order placed. Zen Unlimited Fibre 2 (80/20) without line rental (line staying with BT). Activation set for 20th June 2019.